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Our platform allows to easily achieve your marketing use cases by using intelligently your data for more efficiency and relevance in your communications.

Why mediarithmics?

mediarithmics collects, unifies and organizes billions of data from different sources and touch points (CDP/DMP) to create your own private garden. mediarithmics delivers real time relevant customer experiences from first time anonymous engagement to ongoing highly engaged interactions (DCO, Marketing Automation). Get started with quick wins by implementing your current and desired use cases!


Clients Testimonials

Our clients satisfaction is essential. At mediarithmics, we particularly value our clients improving their P&L and fulfilling their strategic challenges thanks to our technology.

"With an extremely rich Ecommerce Data set, we have to use strong and flexible technological tools to provide our partners with the best offers. With the end-to-end technology of mediarithmics including open CDP / DMP and DCO, we've been able to build a market-leading offer in the last few years."

Christophe Blot


"mediarithmics allowed us to succeed significant technological challenges: create and update millions of profiles in real time; provide our partners a solution measuring their data contribution; create an architecture that respects legal constraints allowing consent management with secure deposits. All while being extremely open for a quick evolution of our offer."

Fabien Magalon


"mediarithmics' Full Stack technological solution not only responds to our needs as an advertiser but also to the valuation stakes of our data assets. With mediarithmics' integrated and extremely agile platform we can quickly build and adapt a model to our specificities in a trustworthy relationship."

Julia Etaix

New Business Managing Director

"For Prisma Media, a Media group leader in its category delivering contents to the French population through all media types and formats, mediarithmics brings flexibility and reactivity to build concrete projects allowing to put the "customer journey" at the center of our analyses to better answer the readers' expectations. Their understanding of our universe and our challenges as well as their tailored support allow us to shape tangible and profitable results."

Philipp Schmidt

Prisma Media Solutions Executive Director

"Right from the first discussions with mediarithmics, we perceived in their technological solution a capacity to be quick and flexible in implementing a Data Management Platform for Mondadori group in France. Right from the start, our intuitions were confirmed. It became a central element of our digitalisation project. Today the DMP drives all of our entities and allows us to consider a short-term return on investment."

Marie Noelle Le Moal - Becue

Mondadori Media Connect Marketing Director

"mediarithmics has integrated, within a single and flexible plaform, a set of solutions containing the best Data Marketing concepts. We were able to easily implement and optimise our marketing scenarios through a single interface to deploy personalised marketing campaigns. Thanks to mediarithmics, we are able to provide new, complete and efficient offers to our customers."

Eric Cholet

CEO / Co-founder


Discover our technology and modules designed by machine learning techniques. A modular, open and integrated Data Marketing platform designed for continuous growth around the world.


A unique platform to collect and reconcile any type of data in real time without any predefined model. A simple setup to analyse and activate your User Data.


The most adaptable platform using the latest technologies on the market to deliver targeted and personalised messages in real time. Simply adapt and optimise your one-to-one communications.


The most integrated platform to automate cross-device and real-time marketing campaigns according to each user. Implement and define scenarios easily for your marketing campaigns with perfect coherence among different channels.