The first Open & Integrated platform that allows to cover a full Data Marketing strategy.

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Platform Features


Site & User Analytics
Predictive Scoring
Consent Management


Multichannel Scenario
Product Recommendation
Dynamic Creative Optimization


RTB Display - Video
Ad Serving - Ad Tracking
On-site Content
Email - SMS Notifications


Conversion Analytics
Multi Touch Attribution
Uplift Attribution


It is no longer possible today to imagine a data marketing project without a complete and rigorous management of user consents. From the collection of user choices in personalized dialogue windows to the provision of a management portal covering all regulatory requirements (consents modification; consultation, removal and portability rights), the consent-management module is an exhaustive response to the needs of brands wishing to develop a pro-active and responsible approach to the management of personal data.

The concept of "Privacy by Design" is also integrated in the heart of the platform to automatically consider the users’ choices and prevent risks of misuse or abusive use of the collected data.

Data Management

Any Data Marketing project will start with the collection and efficient use of all user data, be it behavioral signals, transactions or contact information.

The best of DMP + CDP

The platform provides the most advanced features regarding DMP / CDP

  • Management of a 360 view of each user consolidating all known data with a cross-device reconciliation and the automatic convergence of on-line and off-line sources in the form of a user graph;
  • Flexible creation of audience segments by applying multi-criteria filter rules on all data;
  • Integrated management of statistical learning methods for automatic calculation of scores per user or "look alike" audience segments;
  • The management of secure connections with more than 30 major partners allowing real-time monitored transmission of audience segments to third-party tools;
  • The management of data imports / exports, in just-in-time or batch mode, making it possible to integrate the platform at the heart of the customer's marketing infrastructure;
  • Integrated management of quality, correction and enrichment of data flows.

A revolutionary database

The mediarithmics platform is based on a revolutionary database that introduces a radical break with existing practices in Big Data.

In the current compromise, Big Data databases can store large volumes of data but at the expense of the ability to query and analyze this data with delayed responses (several hours / several days) and often on compressed data that have lost their sensitivity and integrity.

The result of 5 years of R&D, the database that operates at the heart of the DMP / CDP module allows the storage of large volumes of data while managing all updates and access to data in real-time. It is possible to access query and data analysis tools that respond instantly, all while maintaining the granularity and integrity of all data.

Automated Scenarios

The platform provides powerful scripting features for interactions with the goal of maintaining personalized communication with each user.

  • Simplified creation of interaction scenarios
  • Recommendation of promotional offers and products
  • Automatic construction of impactful creative content
  • Automatic selection of the best interaction channel or the best combination of channels

Campaign Management

Digital marketing strategies are distinguished by a multiplicity of channels, media and content formats.

> The platform allows you to manage campaigns on different channels:

  • Video RTB Campaigns
  • Display / Native RTB Campaigns
  • Email Campaigns
  • On-site Campaigns

> Simple, standardised graphical user interfaces ensuring a fast ownership regardless of the campaign’s purpose, its channel nor its targeting characteristics.

> All the campaigns favour stats tracking allowing an accurate real-time monitoring of the quality of delivery and performance.

> Access to a marketplace of third-party data providers helping campaigns to target a wide variety of audience segments.

> The plugin technology helps to optimize the purchase performance on marketplaces by customizing bidding strategies with predictive algorithms.

> The instantaneous flow of data allows very short response times compatible with the duration constraints of third-party cookies.

Performance Analytics

In a "heterogeneous" environment in which the measurement points are of variable quality or even unavailable, it is essential to be able to evaluate the performance of marketing actions by comparing several measurement methodologies.

The platform allows you to work simultaneously on several models of performance analysis:

> Multi-touch Attribution

  • Uplift Attribution
  • Tunnel Analytics / Cohorts Analytics
  • Conversion rates on customer journey milestones
  • Cohorts of users tracking

> The conversion objectives can be defined  by relying on all available data points (activities, profiles, ...)

> All attribution calculations are done on the finest granularity of the data (without compression or aggregation)

> These data is archived and auditable

> The data analysis and reporting tools make it possible to cross-reference the indicators of campaigns performance with segments of audience, the geographical localization, the categories produced, ...

Design / Architecture

The platform is built on a powerful and revolutionary architecture that combines all the components of the latest cloud computing platform dedicated to Data Marketing.

> A polyglot database

> Full opening through APIs

> The ability to host custom algorithms as functions (plugin)

A polyglot database

The result of 5 years of R & D, the database responds in a unique way to the challenges of data marketing: the large volume of data (x100 compared to traditional CRM approaches), the instant reactivity, the exploitation of data according to different interrogation languages, according to the use cases (activity analysis, segmentation, data science, real-time triggers...), the flexibility of the data schemes.

All transactions are executed in real time and the query engine responds instantly regardless of the language used (CRUD Rest, QL Graph, OTQL, SQL).

Open APIs for a seamless integration

All features of the platform are accessible via open APIs.

The integrated approach of the platform offers a complete and coherent coverage of all micro-level data marketing concepts (user event, user profile, user score, ...) up to the macro level (statistics of visits, revenues aggregated per channel, ...)

These APIs allow a fast and efficient integration with the information system’s Marketing ecosystem.

Marketing Function as a Service

After an exhaustive analysis of data flows and strategic decision points in data marketing processes, it was possible to isolate decision points or calculation points that may have an interest in being customized by functions called plugins.

There are several types of plugin (Activity Analyzer, Ad Renderer, Datamart Function, ...)

These embedded functions are automatically supervised by the platform and interact in real time with the data flows.

They can be developed in any language and can be deployed within the platform in minutes.