Our platform

The leading-edge cloud platform dedicated to Data Marketing

  • Open APIs
  • Real-time scenario automation and reporting
  • Management of all communication channels: display, email and on-site
  • Integration of predictive marketing algorithms at each stage of the customer path
  • Complete personalization through code hosting

Datamart audience

The DMP solution that goes well beyond RTB

  • Multi-screen
    Identify all screens used by a user
  • Web, mobile app and in-store
    Manage all online and offline activity data
  • Customers and prospects
    Centralize all users' information, whether they are prospects or customers
  • "Live" user profiles
    Permanent connection among "cold" and "hot" data to instantly make the right decision.
  • CRM integration
    Synchronize data with the company's CRM.
  • Audience segmentation
    Segment the audience via multi-criteria queries based on all user activity data
  • Multi-channel attribution
    Manage multiple attribution methods and measure their overall performance

Scenario Automation

The most effective way of putting the quality of your advertising at the heart of your data marketing

  • "Live" automation
    Detect a promising activity in real time, calculate an opportunity score and launch an automated scenario
  • Maximum impact advertising
    Tell a convincing story by playing around with the messages and channels to attract users' attention and engage them
  • Product & service recommendations
    Offer the right product and the right promotion using prediction algorithms
  • Media scenario building
    Improve the performance of your media campaigns by structuring the sequence of messages, format and placement
  • Accessibility
    Connect all digital communication channels able to send a personalized message

Programmatic Media

The new generation DSP

  • Best of both worlds
    Use a predictive model as in an exclusive DSP, and add targeting rules as in a common DSP
  • Market-leading prediction algorithms
    Benefit from prediction algorithms that received the highest ratings in recent international competitions
  • Customizable pre-bid optimization
    Customize the prediction and bid price definition calculations by loading a plugin code onto the platform
  • Real-time reporting
    See and analyze immediately the effects of settings changes on campaigns
  • Maximum coverage
    Reach 96% coverage across more than thirty partner ad exchanges
  • Integrated advertising server
    Deliver creative visuals in all formats: banners, video and mobile
  • Customized dynamic visuals
    Personalize visuals by considering product recommendations and fully adapting their design to reflect the brand framework
  • Display capping and budget outflow
    Manage precisely the display capping and budget outflow
  • Brand protection and visibility
    Avoid fraud and low-quality placements by using trusted third-party expertise
  • Targeting options
    Combine different types of targeting by modifying the terminal, the location, the audience, the geographical area, etc.

Overall monitoring

The integrated solution to measure the performance of each marketing activity

  • Conversion monitoring
    Monitor all types of conversion, from the first level of engagement up to the finalized transaction
  • Monitoring of A/B testing
    Monitor and compare the performance of two distinct user populations
  • Customizable attribution model
    Define multiple attribution methods to obtain a more precise view of each channel's performance

Open platform

The only platform able to integrate external code at any stage of the customer experience

  • Documented APIs
    Integrate with the platform using the available APIs.
  • Plugins
    Personalize the platform by loading specific programming needed to intervene at any stage of the customer experience
  • Open Source
    Implement and further develop open source modules such as the "Navigator" application
  • End-to-end in real time
    Detect a customer opportunity and act right away, like modifying the campaign settings and notice the effects immediately
  • No magic box
    Demystify the use of machine learning and predictive calculations to share knowledge and empower the marketer to be independent